Ferguson Electric has become well known to local and surrounding municipalities. From tasks such as lighting upgrades and equipment installation to completing the electrical work for massive renovations and additions, Ferguson Electric is proud to serve municipalities by providing quality work to benefit their community. Some of the environments we are most experienced servicing on behalf of municipalities are:

  • Pumping stations
  • Water Pollution Control Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Municipal buildings
  • Community Centres
  • Sports Fields

Our Municipal Projects


Supply and installation of two new 1500kW generator sets plus upgrade of one existing 1250kW, 36,000L fuel storage system, two main 4000A switchgears, 4000A bus ducts, control panels, SCADA and programming, full synchronization to common bus, power and control wiring.

Project value: $6,500,000-$6,550,000

Cobourg Water Pollution Control Plant (Filter Bldg)

Power, Instrumentation and control system upgrades. 

Project value: 500,000-550,000

Ministry of the Environment-Toronto, Ontario

Electrical tracing of existing, undocumented installations in East and West wings of large government building. Project included tracing of all connected loads, distribution, and new as built drawings

Project value: 300,000-350,000

Wilmont Water Pollution Control Plant, Newcastle

New automatic transfer switch.

Project value: 100,000-150,000

Gerry O'Connor Water Treatment Plant- Belleville

2500 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch was installed. 

Project value: 100,000-150,000

ACC & MCC-Ajax

Pump & VFD Replacment

Project value: 50,000-100,000

Whitby Water Supply Plant

Electrical work for new Clear well.

Project value: 50,000-100,000

Water Treatment Plant- Cobourg

VFD upgrades

Project value: 10,000-60,000

Northwest Sutton Sewage Pumping Station

Electrical upgrades

Project value: 10,000-60,000

William A Woods Filter Building-Cobourg

Electrical upgrades

Project value: 10,000-60,000